We pursue to be a hub to keep missionaries, ministers and special guests passionate about serving here and abroad.

It starts with serving those who serve

Before the gospel could go to the other side of the world, someone had to go. Before a missionary could go to the field, funds had to be raised, because one went; many lives changed. Clean water systems installed for a village. Orphans touched loved and cared for. Nestled churches, training centers and Bible schools started and maintained. Weddings, baptism, preaching, prayer and hospital visits, all because one cared to go and serve.

Our duty is to keep the missionaries charged up and reinvigorated to keep doing what they do. We believe it’s time to serve the ones who serve. We work to see missionaries energized and refreshed before returning in-country.

Our passion is to see God steep them with the full anointing to go back and fulfill the great commission to reach the people they serve. We partner with you to fulfill the hope of bringing missionaries, piece of mind and the freedom to go and do the work of a missionary. So they are able to itinerate, collect funds, provide updates and accumulate items needed, so they can soon return overseas.

Being the hedge provides missionaries a place to stay so they are able to get rejuvenated, refueled, and recharged. We exist to serve missionaries so they can take care of affairs that matter most. Allowing them piece of mind and not worrying about living arrangements is our hope for them to tackle things that matter. Our focus is on missionary needs we collect donations and distribute them.

Yet over time strategies and needs change, one thing’s for sure, we will keep serving.