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Truth is… His Way is the way to go.

Doing it his way is always better.  The truth of the matter is, He has got this! 

For today is the day for miracles!

Do you trust him?




Refreshing as it may seem keep believing and chugging along to compile the trust that you need to combust and ignite the evidence of doing it His Way.

Truth is…

  • This is not a… Situation this is an opportunity.
  • This is not a… Problem it’s me the problem solver.
  • This is not a… Hindrance this is a breakthrough.
  • This is not a… Setback it’s me being on time.
  • This is not a… Natural tendency it’s supernatural.
  • This is not a… Surprise it’s me putting things in order.

This is not an issue this is me being the real deal.

Therefore, things aside from the norm may seem out of place, but when I am allowed to be in charge things happen outside your boundaries of comprehension.


I created all things, and I am in all things if you let me.

Keep up the faith and keep striving to do it His Way!

Then step back and marvel.


Keep believing friends,

Sheryl Pennel