Most of all, I am tousled and sparked to make a mark on this upcoming present Thanksgiving Day, all year.

Leveraging to make a new kind of sappy happy with thanks and giving like a refreshing breath of positivity which emerges encouragement.

Be blessed by smiling, and give a handshake and squeal you look lovely.

Jostle up next to a friend or kinfolk and give a snug hug and let them know they are loved.

Hand up high, give five and go low and fist bump. It is all those little gestures, nods and sweet hellos that is sure to let people know you care.

Are you beaming with happy yet?


Giggles and people scampering, be sure to flutter around and make sure the sound of happy arises.

Take a quick picture with a friend or some family.  Then post it on your board or snappy chat.

Nothing like letting others see joy.

No pressure just sweet smiles and tickle time.

Press on and be thankful for this time of the year is not often enough.


In fact, make today count make it matter.

Be thankful you are alive and wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care, because you have breath and life.

If you have time take a moment and dance with a friend or your one true love.

Let go of things that simply need to be released and let God fix it indeed.


Finally, it is time to release happy and let thanksgiving reign all year.  Choose to live happy, live right and be clean. 


Happy Thanksgiving Friends,

Sheryl Pennel