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Unstoppable, undeniably all inspiring wonder of precision is sure to be driven. 

Purposely placing things and strategically putting things in order. 

Deciding and knowing all things before they happen.


Step right up and dive right in, I have got this. In all things, submit let go and let God have His way.

He’s got a hold of this thing called Hedge.

He is into it, a part of it and wants you to pray for it and believe for big, big things.


Supernatural all sufficient super cool an awesome to human standards, impossible things that will supersede most anything. 

Can you?  Will you?  Call it as though you see it… a Hedge Home, a place for special guest and for our family?


Breakthrough is what we need, open doors and divine encounters galore.

Subjecting ourselves to the byways of the Holy Spirit and empowering us with His anointing.


By this and in this I shall have my way. Trust me I am all over this thing called Hedge.

Get in and take a stand with us as we believe and confess for great big things.



Adore and ask for more as I am pouring and restoring my ways and achieving unbelievable things.

Calling out and pulling in those things which I am blessing you with.

Get it, take hold and pass it on, my blessings are upon you.


Truth is… I’m yours and you are mine as long as we have each other we are sure to be discovered.

Here and abroad shall others know the love you bestow and encampment of angels dispatched to take charge.

So glad I have you oh Lord, majestic, driven, purposeful and strong are your ways.


Impeccably amazing, purposely driven and countlessly impossible are your ways.

Setting the stage for the incredible, purposeful home called Hedge.

Lingering anointing and hope a la mode, places to escape, and properly set things as though.


Hedge shall be this place.  


Driven by purpose,

Sheryl Pennel