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Would you?

Could you… make a wish come true?

Do you see the opportunity that lies before you?

Cast your net and catch a blessing for a Missionary Kid.

They often go without luxuries most have in the U.S. They serve alongside mom and dad in capacities not common to usual kids, not to mention they often go without, so others can be blessed.


It is our heart to beat down any thought of despairing or discouragement by bringing opportunities to flood ones happy with things they crave, desire and or need.

Missionary Kids Crave was created for the purpose of serving missionary kids and letting them know they belong, they are specially called and they matter most.

Will you be the one who helps turn smiles into joy and laughter?

Hedge International Dayton……… has chosen a Missionary Family who touches……… Durango, Mexico.


Primarily our focus is on the kids, but we try and do something special for mom & dad too.

With this in mind, Hedge International Dayton, is sincerely praying for a Family Vacation to Mazatlán, Mexico for the family or an adventure to Sea World in San Antonio, TX. 

One of the kids dream is to go to… Chuck E Cheese, another would love to… Build a Bear.  In addition, the girls dream is to visit the… American Girl store and do some shopping.

Let’s do this!

This wonderful family of six has four beautiful children who need clothes, coats and shoes. In addition, they would be thrilled to receive something they crave.

If interested in a fulfilling a tag, please contact me and I will be happy to send you details. 

Either simply drop a donation in the mail: PO Box 121, Clayton, OH 45315 or Donate Now on our website.

Humbly blessed and ready to thank this delightful family with pretty gifts full of love.

Are you ready to pounce on this opportunity?

Craving to give friend,

Sheryl Pennel