Our Mission

The mission of Hedge International Dayton (HID) is to create a safe haven and support programs that directly improve the wellbeing of missionary families, ministers and special guests.

Guiding us in our mission are our core values:

Focusing on the Word of God by living it out loud and maintaining a solid foundation by fulfilling the duty to serve others.

Core Values

Healthy Families: Encouraging Christ centered relationships and physical wellbeing.

Evangelism: Equipping believers to share the good news.

Discipline: Going all out, pursuing the call to serve others.

Giving: Promoting donations, collecting items, and giving unconditionally.

Excellence: Pursuing a higher standard of service towards the Lord and others.

Our Vision

We are more than a night’s stay, we aim to please and serve mission minded people and their needs.

Pioneering family centered homes, HID strives to be a part of improving missionary families, providing programs that strengthen and equip families to accomplish business affairs while on leave.

In 2014, we launched HID with the intent to provide Hedge Homes and short stay suites with a goal to serve missionaries, ministers and special guests and their families.  This strategy provides a foundation to be an efficient hub for serving those who serve