The celebratory moments of happy when one comes out on top. When we prevail from overcoming a failure. To triumph after a tragedy, to be available when one needs to cry it out. Be the sounding board when something’s bothersome. Hold on to each other even when one is slipping, to be there to catch them. Lift them up in prayer even when we don’t know the battle. Shift and adjust when needed, to help with the broken by love.

Encourage Love

Always, support one another through the good as well as the bad. Hold hands, embrace each other with showers of kind words and hug it out. Admiration for one another is what stokes the flame, be sure to leave all offense at bay. Overwhelm with gushing compliments, then to be underwhelming and no advancement. Show them how much you care especially in all those little things. Always, always tell them, “I love you.” Express it in your own unique and very special way.

Motivate Love

In our relationship, we may hit lows as well as the highs, but in all this it’s limitless. We don’t hope to make it, we press through it. We give it our all and continue to pursue it no matter the circumstances. I am right there, as are you, we may be late but eventually we get it straight. Getting in there making our actions intentional climbing towards each other like LOVE does. Sparing no waste of time, we press on assuredly encouraging one another. We press on towards the prize the happy life…the real, real relationship called marriage. 

Marry + Age = Marriage

Marry – to take as an intimate life partner by a formal exchange of promises in the manner of a traditional marriage ceremony. Age – a particular period of history, as distinguished from others; a historical epoch: (Source:

Happy 27th Anniversary to my hubby Khris! We are making history together cheering and uplifting one another. Looking forward to a life of love and soon to be empty. Let the journey begin to unfold the new chapter empty nesters, and bring the dream to fruition, a place called Hedge International Dayton.

Make it a lovely marriage friends, 

Sheryl Pennel