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As surreal and lovely as the sands of the seas my God reigns within me. 

Escapes and mountains so high is my love for thee.

As I mention the desperate pleas of my heart you leap inside of me.

Woo and wane in breathless wonder to sweep in and whisk a way to a place of surety and the essence of surreal and wonder.


To abandon this broken world to twist and flip and release myself from the knot of sin, to realize the snippet of time forges onward.

To unravel the hurt the pain and know mercy reigns and show up and show out my forgiven heart.


It ushers in the presence of God and the Holy Spirit guides me to the secret ways of doing life and it transforms me.


I stately stand and linger and reverently holler accolades of praise for thee and bask in your anointing.

Release unto me the leading light, the path to take the open door.


The profound wonder the divine appointed place and the connections that heavily are articulated and armed with your artillery.


The hedge, the stone, the place of serenity comes after a price of trusting and standing firm.

Honest and hopeful the switch is on, the time is now, the world is ready for such a charge.

Give it to God my all in all, he soaks and saturates me with his peace and shows me he loves me.


In between and underneath I surrender all.

He grooms me and leads me and takes me where I cannot take myself.

He shows me and reveals unseen things and the future seals me.

Eternity is the hidden surreal and excellent gem, the essence of happy and the joy of freedom.


My joy leaps friends,

Sheryl Pennel