Radio is on not going to miss my song.

My Savior lives and breathes inside of me.

He conquers all my fears and strikes my chords.

Therefore, he gives me grace and bounces joy all over the place.

He springs happy inside and all around, so glad my Jesus loves me in spite of my ups and downs.


So thankful, he presides over me, lifts me and gives me a solid sound.

My rally song keeps me pumped and primed, to deliver the soulful sound of My God Reigns in me and he is for me.

Nothing can stand against, for God is supreme, he is present nocturnally and in the daylight.

He is everywhere at any time and can do anything if I choose to believe.


Confess… God is greater than any situation, any circumstance, any affliction, or sickness.

Naturally, he is the joy in my step the source of my song.

There is no limitation to His ability to captivate me and keep me motivated to keep humming along.

Furthermore, Jesus is the source of my strength and the courage to which I stand against any vile or wicked thing that tries to come against me.

My fight song screams, my enemies are defeated, and My God Reigns.


Be sure to deliver the devil a blow, a one, two punch and right back at it again.

Never stop, keep popping and rocking until victory is delivered and God has conquered.

Step lightly on uncharted territories and allow the presence of the Lord to guide you.

Keep pushing and praying for those deliberate breakthroughs.


Be distinguished and admonished in the Lord.

Protected and covered by his word.

Steadfast and ready deliberate in so many ways.

Speaking with powerful tones, believing and seeing for… God Reigns Inside & Out if you let him.


Covered by His reign,

Sheryl Pennel