Always… give me more than enough!

“Give me some Jesus” is amiss and yet so many people are satisfied with a bit or even some.

My heart yearns for more than some of Jesus, a complete package and then some.  

Hence, I want evidence He exist, the whole Bible version to come alive and inspire.


The entire word of God is full of real truths, not half-hearted lies, myths or fairy tales.

Rather, it is the all inspired word of God!  

Lies are sanctioned by Satan himself.  Which leads me to believe; Satan wants people to think, that some Jesus or a bit, is all you need. 


Therefore, Satan wants you to limit yourself and not get the full impact of God’s word or promises.

He wants you to falter and argue, and get down on yourself, blame others and let guilt plague your mind.

Allow the word to penetrate your heart and help heal those wounds that are so deep.  


Only allowing a partial Jesus limits your ability to truly believe and commit him at his word.


Yet, Jesus wants me to be fully committed and fully devoted to him.  

Not partially, not halfheartedly, not moderately, plain and simply fully dedicated.

You see, he wants me to be devout and honorable, the existence of who he is, waves me to keep going. 



Giving me partial Jesus is not reasonable, nor is it optional for me, ALL Jesus is what satisfies.

Grant me ALL Jesus, all of His Word.  As a result, it allows me to stand on His promises and deliberately loads a blow to the enemy of doubt, fear and disbelief.

It dies, when I have ALL his promises inside me.

ALL of Jesus is what resonates from my heart.

I do not want just a part of him or some of him. I want ALL of HIM!


Take full advantage friends,

Sheryl Pennel