Love keeps no record of wrongs.

It puts others first, timeless love endures and understands.

As a matter of fact, it annihilates wrongdoings by choosing to forgive.

It forges on like time.

Love is mind blowing, intentional and unique.

It is blended and merciful, plus it stirs clear of wrong motives.

Love gives and takes, it snuggles and separates especially when it needs a break.


Certainly, love never ceases, never stops, never fails.

Love knows no boundaries.

It is alive and well

Of course, it seeks righteousness.

It binds up the brokenness, conquerors doubt and drives out fear.

Love is an attitude a whisper an emotion, no being can live without.

It cannot die or suffocate, it exist for our gain.


Our hope is derived in the one who created timeless love.

Ravishing and wonderful is He.

His love surrounds you and me.

It is reflective and displays joy.

Sure it disciplines when needed.

His love is astounding and knows no wrongs because grace and mercy are his tokens of love.


Love abides sometimes it disappoints.

Indeed, love can hurt especially when a loved one leaves.

Love forgives.

Surprisingly, it moves past hurt and shame.

It magnifies the good and looks past the hurt.

Surly, it embraces new opportunities to scour a fresh new start.


Timeless love is an expansion of what matters.

It forges towards things that you are passionate about.

Thus, it extends to those in need.

Love carries a multitude of endless love stories.

Mine was engraved the day I met Jesus.

He gave me new life and love, therefore, my name is written in Lamb’s Book of Life.


Timeless Love seeks eternal peace friend,

Sheryl Pennel