As winter speaks… listen to the sights and sounds of life.  

Do you hear the sound of the wind howling your name? 

Or feel the soft cold snow falling and hitting your nose?

Twinkling lights all aglow and dazzling snowflakes showing brilliant differences and striking poses.

Unique in design and drifts a miss.


The trajectory of life is often a glimpse of what lies ahead or lessons met or missed.

Seeing is only half the reason why we have hope.  

Seasons of change are simple reminders of time often messy yet at times sensational.

Between it all, hardships may blow and heavy snows may bog you down.  

But note heaps of snow take time to melt hence your struggle will slowly be a puddle.


Therefore, give it some anecdote by praying and purpose by praising and worship by giving it to Him.

Soon puddles will dry up and breakthroughs will astound. 

Beautiful landscapes will take new shapes and as your heart warms with new found hope keep stoking it.


Amazing I know…

The pure luster of winter’s crisp air leads to seeing your breath.

It reminds us that the comforter lives inside.

Furthermore, guiding and showing the trails and paths that lies ahead, take time to seek him.


It is only a matter of time when the white fades and the snow shovels are put away.

After all, the moment comes when season of time are changed, transposed and are swapped out. 

The transition of time moves on and we must arise above the keep our faith strong.

Be intentional about the Fathers business and keep pressing towards a better today and hopeful tomorrows.


Take heed and know God is in all seasons of life.

Cherish all those moments in the finer details and those quirky moments.

Especially, keep pressing through this winter and be sure to take the lighted path.

Stand tall and perky in the wintry mix and combat life with the sights and sounds of God’s word.


Baffle your friends,

Sheryl Pennel