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Thus, my Savior fills me and thrills me to believe today is the day for breakthroughs.

By turning dark days into sunshiny days for stones to be overturned and obstacles to be removed.

Harnesses to be released and jubilee to bubble up out of me because of the free that I feel.

Nevertheless, the exhilarating joy that topples out of my soul and the sure footing that eases my steps and the somber sleep that guides my peace, it soothes me.


On this day so long ago, was a man who loved like no other.

He suffered bled and died for a cause like only he could.

With such unique circumstances and love so prevailing he took all those stripes for our very own healing.

As a result, He withstood insults and crumpled up our sin and freed us of those awful unpleasantries.

By asking forgiveness He freely gives, and peace sweetly sweeps in and, I know that I know, my Savior LIVES!


Truly my heart is liberated. 

Therefore, I am invigorated and stoutly singing praises for such a mighty Savior.

To him be all the glory and honor for such a solidifying wonder.

Savory and refined is me.


Sweet blessings friends,

Sheryl Pennel