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Got to love the uncomfortable feelings and rush of emotions in this awkward state.

However, I keep pressing and believing more is yet to come.

This is not easy taking a step aside and letting you lead.

Thus it is hard, and the not knowing is incredibly at times frustrating.

But I rise above and keep pursuing the incredible journey that lies ahead.

The unknown is sort of a mystery and keeps me ever lingering and seeking you and your instruction.


The rode ahead is quite exhilarating!  Yet, at times a fog sets in and I cannot see clearly, but soon I seek you in prayer and clarity comes and leads me.


At times the give up tries to run and I have to press it down and keep pursuing you with deep passions of perusal.

A rarity of speaking it out loud into existence, as if.

I am not my own, I keep pressing towards the mark and keep pushing aside my own agendas and plans.

Hence, I take stock in the dreams and visions you embedded me with. 

Likewise, your ways and desires are much more appetizing.  After all, the existence of your ways far outweigh my wits and temperament.


To extol and fathom your ways are much more delightful as the journey impedes wonder and enjoyment.

Longing for the rightful doors to open and aversions to be averted.

I am blessed in knowing you got this and you have my best interest in mind.

Furthermore, nothing is downplayed or demoralized.

Nothing is more incredible than you being in charge, leading and guiding us through and taking us where we cannot take ourselves.


You keep it real and take me to a place filled with such awe, soon your sweet peace softly trickles in.

Let me breathe a sigh of relief in knowing you have taken authority and have subjected it to your name.

Ultimately, the place of refuge, refinement and the refusal to give up keeps me pressing onward.

The sound of angels wings and the Heavenly Father aligning things as they should be.

Remarkably, allowing the threshold to be crossed and marked with your presence.


The depths of my heart are overjoyed and the surreal is impeccably real and the zeal and hunger keep steadily yearning for more.

The incredible feeling of getting up each morning knowing the perusal of big things is yet to be and more to come.

God is in this and keeps me completely humbled and surmised and as happy and surprised.

He keeps things opening one after another.

As long as I choose His ways and seek him things keep happening. 


Keep pursuing the incredible,

Sheryl Pennel