Missionary Kids Crave:

Fulfill a desire, make a wish come true, do something big!

Missionary Kids (MKs) need to know they hold value and they matter. As a child may be dealing with cultural changes, as well as, adapting to leaving family, friends and things behind. Let’s bring a smile, lots of giggles and fun to a kid longing for something they crave and make a wish come true.

By granting a wish and something they crave it empowers them to appreciate life as a missionary kid and lets them know we care and we are grateful for their service.


Missionary Care Packages:

Features comforts from back home

By extending our hands, we are able to provide care packages for Missionaries in-country that will bring delight and feature comforts they long for from the US. Executing the right care package will be sure to trigger special moments and happy memories. By sending a box full of love, may they feel a warm hug, and know that what they’re doing matters. Serving them is essential to keeping them fueled to keep going strong in the mission field.

Family Care Package
Kids Care Package
Ministry Care Package
Special Care Package

Wish List:

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