May your Christmas be merry and all kinds of bright with tinsel galore and plenty of lights.

Shake it up with…

Cookies and candy and lots of goodies plenty of treats topped with sugary sprinkles.

Grab a hot chocolate filled with mushy marshmallows and sip while listening to your favorite Christmas carols.

As a matter of fact, be sure to view lots of Christmas movies with chuckles galore and plenty of laughs.

Next, wind down by the fireside and enjoy the flickering lights popping inside with such delight.

Reflect and ponder on the amazing wonder of who and what Christmas is all about.

Joy unspeakable and full of glory is Gods goodness and his righteousness shinning right through.


Giggles galore and holiday cheer wrapped inside exclaiming…

     this is the best time of the year! 

Recall and remember our Savior and cherish our Lord.

What he did was nothing short of a miracle!

He was born, lived as a man and died for the one great cause.

That you and I may have life after death and spend eternity with him.

The only request is to ask forgiveness of our sins, and simply invite Jesus Christ into our hearts.

Then simply live for him all days of our life find a home church to grow in strength and serve him.


Remarkable and full of wonder is he… Jesus is seasoned for all times of the year.

Delighted and fitted for this wonderful Christmas.

Make it count and swing in the New Year with awesome splendor and plenty of cheer.

Fitted and marked with joy and delight making this Christmas especially bright.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

Reflecting on what He did and how far we have become knowing He is the reason keeps me believing!



Sheryl Pennel