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Make this summer delightful.

Ice cream cones and butter cups, mowing lawns to grass clippings, lightning bugs to star gazing display days of summer.

The sounds of birds chirping, giggles and screams of children playing, water balloons to bike riding.

Nothing like a sizzling summer… sprinklers running, picnic lunch, corn hole and watermelon. 


Let us not forget those who sacrificed and gave their life for our freedoms in this country so we can enjoy our religious rights.

And most importantly, is the one who gave his life for us to be free forever and ever eternally.  My Jesus he bled and died, that we may have life.

We ask forgiveness of ALL our sins, making grace no equal, only the potency and significance of life eternal.


Make this life count, make it matter.  Make an effort to love and be loved.

Show understanding, be compassionate one with Christ, give unconditionally and keep trimming away at things that don’t matter.

Draw close and stay strong, in His Word, prayed up and ready to lift one another up by encouragement.


Bless those less fortunate and give to those who God said bless. Give of your time and talents, dress up make a difference and dance.

Make memories with a loved one and show love in all things.

Give cleverly at appointed times. Listen effortlessly and take notice the path you are to take.

Keep your eyes on the prize of running with Christ, and in all things he will delight!


Be a faith giver an absolute one with Christ who is absorbed and invigorated to pursue God in all matters.

Be a flame thrower who pursues issues that really matter like helping those who need a hand. Support the necessities and needs that are real, translucent, not common yet needed, overseas and next door.

Help sustain and broaden the door of Hedge International Dayton… so we can obtain the right place for the hard working, dedicated, praying, missionaries and ministers.


Prayer including money is needed for more reasons than one…

A place for them to lay their heads without undue interruptions, plausible distractions, outlandish behaviors and inappropriateness.

The comforts from home should include modern conveniences, coffee bar, laundry area, sitting room, reading nook and a peaceful place to rest, relax and enjoy.


Make today matter for those who serve on the mission field and in churches.

Love offerings accepted and appreciated!

Make today delightful,

Sheryl Pennel