What is Hedge International Dayton?

Hedge International Dayton (HID) is a non-profit ministry, incorporated on September 30, 2014.  Hedge provides a hospitality home for missionaries as they arrive in the United States. Missionaries are either on furlough or leave while some need help acclimating to life and living in the US. Having a place to call home is exactly what they need, a refuge.  Hedge homes offer missionaries the freedom to take care of affairs before returning to the mission field. 

Where is it located?

Hedge International Dayton is pursuing an established place with the intent to provide short stay suites in a resort like setting for missionaries, ministers and special guest. Seeking homes to provide extended stays for missionaries and ministers.

About future missionary home…

Furnished and stocked with paper products and some food items during the first months stay.  The home is available for a short stay, and a maximum period of one year.  (Exceptions considered on the basis of need and availability.) Homes furnished with appliances, washer and dryer, dishes, pots and pans, linens, towels, TV and DVD. All utilities turned on and ready for missionaries to enjoy once they move in.  

HID supports missionary families who need a home away from home by providing a safe place and essential resources.  HID offers resources and suggestions at your request.

HID provides a safe inviting place to relax and enjoy the serenity away from the business of life. To reflect and ponder on the wonderment of God and his true beauty at work in nature and the creature comforts you cherish while away. We are more than a night’s stay, we aim to please and serve those mission minded people.